KB Panorama

Joint-stock company KB "Panorama" - leading Russian company in the field of development of geographic information systems and technologies. Panorama is a family of geo-information software products, including desktop, server and web applications. Panorama products are used in cartography, land management, cadastre, geodetic surveys, in accounting for real estate objects, engineering communications systems, urban planning, subsoil use, agriculture, air navigation, defense, in emergency monitoring and in other areas. The company is a member of the cooperation "Federal Center of science and high technologies of the All-Russia Research Institute of Civil Defense".



Professional GIS “Panorama”

The GIS includes powerful tools for collecting, creating, processing, storing, analyzing and graphical v powerful tools isualization of spatial (geographic) data and associated attribute information.

  • Professional tool for mapping areas
  • Customizable tools for working with databases
  • Processing of remote sensing data and navigation data
  • Analysis of spatial information and thematic mapping
  • Preparation of graphic documents in digital and print form
  • Building 3D models


Consulting center

KB "Panorama" provides technical support to users of the software developed by experts of the company, within one year from date of purchase. Technical support includes free software upgrades by downloading the updates from the site, providing information and technical assistance through a response to appeals on the forum.