GeoCloud.Work provides you

Geospatial Professionals

  • Pay-per-use model for working with worldwide software and data
  • Always up-to-date software
  • Use more - Pay less
  • Global support
  • Work anytime, from anywhere
  • Cut in-house computers and IT support costs
  • Scalable computer systems
  • Unified approach to geospatial software and data

Software Vendors

  • Pay-per-use sales model as an additional channel for software sales
  • Always current maintenance and support
  • One-time installation for worldwide use
  • Worldwide and diversified customer coverage
  • Complete prevention of software piracy
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Digital platform for pre-sale activity

Geospatial Data Providers

  • Pay-per-use sales model as an additional channel for data sales
  • Direct data delivery interface to users
  • Worldwide and diversified customer coverage
  • Collaboration platform with software vendors and data users


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Simple and Convenient Workflow


Unified and Convenient Approach

A unified and convenient approach to different
geoinformation software and data

Direct Approach

A direct approach to free and pay-per-use GeoData

Scalable and Always Available

Scalable and always available computer environment
– computers, storage, web

Pay-per-use model

Pay-per-use model for working with worldwide software and data

Use more - Pay less

Illustration for Hourly Price per Period

Illustration for Periods and Prices

Software piracy prevention

Technology-based protection against software piracy

Collaboration point

A meeting point for collaboration between geoinformation software developers, data providers and mapping organizations worldwide

Worldwide Cloud Based Infrastructure

A powerful and scalable worldwide cloud based computer infrastructure for mapping organizations


Management Team

Dr. Yuri Raizman | CEO & co-founder

Prior to GeoCloud Yuri served as Chief Scientist at PhaseOne.Industrial and VisionMap. From 1992 until 2008, he served as Chief of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and National GIS Manager at the Survey of Israel (SOI), and as a guest lecturer at the Israel Institute of Technology.  He is also a member of the editorial boards of several journals in the field of Geodesy and Geoinformation.

Yuri has over 30 years of experience in photogrammetry, aerial survey, mapping, GIS, standardization, mapping and GIS products development. He published more than 100 articles on aerial survey, photogrammetry, GIS and standardization, and prepared more than 20 national technical instructions, standards, and specifications.

He is Vice President of ILSPRS (Israel Society of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing), a member of IIAC (ISPRS Industry Advisory Committee), and a member of ALSI (Association of Licensed Surveyors in Israel). He served as chairman in the Commission on the GIS Standardization of the Standards Institution of Israel, the Standardization Group of the Inter Ministry Commission on Geoinformation, and the Commission on the Technical Standards and Specifications for Photogrammetry and Topographic Mapping in the Survey of Israel.

Yuri holds a Master’s degree in aerial survey and photogrammetry from Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK), and a Ph.D. in photogrammetry from the Moscow State Research Institute of Geodesy, Aerial Survey, and Cartography (CNIIGaiK).

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