Full Time Agisoft specialist required based in Manchester

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GemDT Limited,

We are a company based in the UK, have a project reverse engineering Trains, Aircraft and products traditionally manuftured in 2D, we have had a member of staff (Agisoft expert) off long term sick.

We are looking for a full time person to post process a large number of stereo photogrammetry images.

We need someone that knows Agisoft and want to get involved with expanding the services the company offers.

Notes on data processing.

Images are taken using 2x fixed focus cameras mounted apart on a frame. This stereoscopic setup enables 3D data to be extracted from the image set. I believe but don't know that the known position and angle of the cameras enable scaling of the images. As we don't know this the scaling can be done after from nominal points in the data (distance between bogies)

Using the timestamps and consistent scanning process it can be assumed that most images will be aligned with overlapping data in sequential order. However I assume that some images will need to be manually orientated and aligned. (Scanner orientation did vary and images may need rotating to find overlapping data)

The background of the images need to be masked so they don't impact fine alignment of the data we want. The images need processing into a single dataset to ensure the maximum Global stability is achieved.

If the data needs to be broken into smaller chunks then there needs to be large amounts of overlapping data between different data sets. If different sets are produced they must be the same scale.

Files to be provided in point cloud format, textured mesh and .STL

The role will be based at our Manchester office and will be full time, if you have UNITY experiance that will be a bonus.

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